Our Team


Paula Iffland

Team Manager

Paula is in charge of the overall management of the team and ensures that all project work is distributed appropriately and completed on time. Her leadership and communication skills are vital as she drives the team forward towards its goal.

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Niall Treacy

Graphic Designer

Niall is very creative and has a lot of ideas for all of our different designs. His role is important because he creates many designs and brings them to life for us to use. He creates our logo, our team-shirts and our portfolio design. Also, Niall is the Team Manager of the Irish side of our team because he had a lot of experience in this element of the competition.


Deike Corleis

Scrutineering & Resources Manager

Deike is our manufacturing engineer and is therefore responsible for the production of the parts of our car. She also ensures that all aspects of the car comply with the current regulations. So it is only possible for us to produce our cars because she prepares and assembles our prototypes.


Ben Maloney

Design Engineer

Ben is in charge of designing the car to be as streamlined and aerodynamic as possible. He works closely with Deike making sure that each piece of the car is in line with both the design and technical regulations. He also corresponds with Georg to analyse the test results from both the CFD and track testing to be able to refine the design of each component as much as possible.

Frieda Reiners

Marketing Manager

Frieda is responsible for the overall management of marketing, sponsorship and all public relations activities. It is very important for Frieda to fulfil her role effectively so that all marketing events are recognised on our various social media platforms as well as other media outlets. She also has a keen eye for design and likes to help Niall with the design elements.

Cian Newcombe

Social Media Manager

Cian looks after the teams social media and works on marketing our team. He specifically focuses on new innovative marketing campaigns that can be run successfully across two countries during the pandemic. Cian works with the goal of not only promoting Nine Degrees Racing but the F1 in Schools competition as well through collaborations, content creation and audience involvement. across all platforms.

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